How to create PostgreSQL Docker Image with custom extensions?


When using standard PostgreSQL docker image available on Docker hub - HERE everything from base PostgreSQL functionalities will be there.

However … if in your development you are using non standard extensions (ones that are not available in postgres-contrib - more HERE like pg_cron or recently popular pg_vector (AI buzz :)), you will need to expand the standard image.

Otherwise when you will for instance try to restore DB from your working environment (that have these extensions installed), to you local base image environment you will end up with following error:

postgres.public> create extension pg_cron
[2024-01-14 20:02:10] [0A000] ERROR: extension "pg_cron" is not available
[2024-01-14 20:02:10] Detail: Could not open extension control file "/usr/share/postgresql/15/extension/pg_cron.control": No such file or directory.
[2024-01-14 20:02:10] Hint: The extension must first be installed on the system where PostgreSQL is running.


In order to solve this problem you need to create your own image based on the based one from Docker Hub.

In newly created Dockerfile you will need to install extensions that you want.

Example: pg_cron

On pg_cron github page (here), you will find an instruction how to install it for your selected Linux Distro.

For Debian you will want to use

sudo apt-get -y install postgresql-16-cron

But hey, what is 16 in the name? 16 as you may wisely deduct Sherlock stands for PostgreSQL Version. If you want to install it for different PostgreSQL version check availability HERE

Thus, if you are using for instance PostgreSQL version 15 you will want to use postgresql-15-cron

Having that in mind we can right now build our desired Dockerfile.

Working Example

FROM postgres:15-bullseye

LABEL maintainer="DataCraze Postgres v.15 images based on postgres:15-bullseye with pg_cron and pg_vector extensions."

RUN apt-get update

RUN apt-get update \
      && apt-get install -y curl \
      && apt-get -y install postgresql-15-pgvector \
      && apt-get -y install postgresql-15-cron

RUN echo "shared_preload_libraries='pg_cron'" >> /usr/share/postgresql/postgresql.conf.sample
RUN echo "cron.database_name='<YOUR_SPECIAL_DB_NAME>'" >> /usr/share/postgresql/postgresql.conf.sample

With that you can simply build it: docker build -f Dockerfile -t YOUR_FANCY_IMAGE_TAG_WITH_VERSION .


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